Marvin is proud to be pretty much the most powerful eBook and comic book reader for iOS. Refined by years of reader feedback and suggestions, version 3 is the sequel to the acclaimed eBook reader for iPhone and iPad.

Take a moment to check out all the incredible things, that Marvin can do:

  • Built from scratch for iOS 9 with a brand new interface
  • Opens DRM-free EPUB books, CBX and CBR comics
  • Format books any way you like
  • High fidelity rendering
  • Full support for all the latest iOS devices including iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and iPad Pro
  • Supports Split View and Slide Over on compatible devices
  • ’Now reading’ today widget
  • Touch ID and startup password
  • Dark UI with optional automatic light/dark switching
  • Spotlight integration to find and open any book from the home screen
  • Zero-configuration, reliable iCloud book location sync
  • Book location sync supports more than two devices
  • External Bluetooth keyboard and remote control support including customisable key commands for in-book navigation and control
  • A selection of beautiful reading fonts
  • Side-load your own fonts
  • Virtually unlimited combinations of text, background colours and page textures
  • Reading statistics
  • Reading session time reports
  • Morning and evening reading reminders
  • Six, optional, app UI colour themes
  • Book and author info web searches straight from your library
  • Customisable web and image search providers (Bing/DuckDuckGo/Google)
  • Customisable external web browser, including in-app Safari with readability mode and content-blocker support
  • Multi-column support on compatible devices, including 3-column landscape on iPad
  • Publisher layouts and embedded fonts
  • Full book search, with results exportable to PDF
  • Control page warmth and dimming in addition to brightness for comfortable night-time reading
  • Customizable gestures, swiping to control brightness, page turn directions, snapping to bookmarks and chapters, etc...
  • Reading timers
  • Multi-colour bookmarks
  • Powerful highlighting and annotation tools
  • Create and reorder unlimited custom commands with presets to integrate with Google Maps, Bing Images, Tweetbot, IMDb, Lingvo, Goodreads, Facebook, Wikipedia, the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and more
  • Offline and online dictionaries
  • Normalised language-specific dictionary lookups
  • Context-aware scrub bar for long lists
  • Social network sharing templates
  • Swipe left and right in any text field to move the cursor/caret
  • In-app help in settings, book, and comic screens to explain each setting available
  • Undo/redo location tracking

Reading modes

  • Paginated reading
  • Vertical scrolling, with auto-scroll, and guide bars
  • Text-to-speech
  • Karaoke (speed reading)
  • Guided zig-zag comic mode

Marvin Side-by-Side (SxS)

  • Run a second instance of Marvin
  • Keep a separate library (great for shared devices in the family)
  • SxS libraries can be protected using a password and Touch ID
  • Read or study two books side-by-side on devices that support Slide Over and Split View
  • Easily transfer books to and from Marvin and Marvin SxS


  • Natively supports CBR and CBZ comics
  • Pinch to zoom, and zig-zag viewing modes
  • Customisable and automatic matte colours
  • Supports warmth, extra dimming, and image tinting
  • Image sharpening, contrast, and exposure corrections
  • Thumbnail navigation
  • Zoom widget
  • Bookmarking
  • Metadata and library management
  • Navigation scrubber with page previews

Karaoke (speed reading)

  • Customisable reading speeds up to 720 words per minute
  • Customisable words per line
  • Large text mode
  • Intelligent auto-pause for sentences, punctuation, and long words
  • Sentence rewind
  • Automatically follows paragraphs and chapters in book
  • Karaoke honours reading font, paper and text colours
  • Colourise first letter

Discover and learn

  • Artificial intelligence that reads your books and helps you discover great things about them, their authors, characters, places, events, and everything else (English only)
  • Build character summaries as separate EPUBs in seconds
  • Export named entities to a PDF file
  • Automatically build a vocabulary as you look up words in the dictionary
  • Offline and online dictionaries


  • Incredibly powerful library management tools
  • Custom and smart collections
  • Wall, list, and cover library views
  • Sorting, filtering, and grouping
  • Group books by word count
  • Reads calibre and extended metadata (subjects, series, and tags)
  • A metadata editor that also lets you choose new covers

Annotations and journal

  • Keep a reading journal
  • Reading maps
  • Export annotations to EPUB and PDF journals
  • Tag annotations
  • Book title, author, and, optional, location auto-tagging for journal entries and annotations
  • Add photos and pictures to annotations
  • Standard, satellite, and hybrid map viewing modes
  • Filter journal entries and annotations by type and colour


  • Virtually all the content you see, create and find can be exported and shared
  • Extensive export to CSV, EPUB, and PDF
  • All exported content can be opened in web browsers and word processors for further reference
  • Share status, progress, pictures, text selections and highlights to Facebook and Twitter

Your books, everywhere

  • New Dropbox browser with improved performance and new sort options
  • Download all books in your Dropbox in one tap
  • Improved iOS cloud picker support to access your documents from iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and other services
  • OPDS catalogs
  • Auto-OPDS catalog detection
  • Web downloads
  • iTunes and email side-loading

Improved export and interchange

  • Custom text menu commands configured on a device can be AirDropped or sent to another device
  • Custom fonts, including font files, configured on a device can be AirDropped or sent to another device
  • Web browser favourites on a device can be AirDropped or sent to another device
  • OPDS favourites on a device can be AirDropped or sent to another device
  • Book annotations and bookmarks can be AirDropped or sent to another device


  • Marvin opens DRM-free EPUB books with basic support for EPUB 3
  • Marvin opens DRM-free CBR and CBX comics
  • Dropbox support requires a Dropbox account

If you're into DRM-free books, we've worked hard to make Marvin the best way to enjoy them.

(available for iPhone and iPad)

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